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Feel confident in the information we provide because we know how to research and how to provide clients with intelligence and advice on who they are doing business with.

Our background checks, known as IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports are more than a compilation of media articles, watchlist hits, questionnaire or interview responses.

Our team of experts critically review and analyse each article, watchlist hit, questionnaire or interview response and explain what it means to you. That is what we do without compromise: processing data into relevant and useful information for you and your company. 

Our team, supervised by trained lawyers, provide expert advice ranging from dissecting content with a local perspective to solid recommendations for further remediation and risk mitigation.

Integrity due diligence

We incorporate local understanding to any issue that we identify and clearly state whether such an issue is inherent or normal in that jurisdiction and industry. The Red Flag Group IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports provides you with the next steps to take to action each identified issue.

In an age of data and information overload with almost everything available online - today's due diligence results require more than just data. Our Professional Services team will filter out the noise, and apply local insight and subject matter expertise to ensure that the information you receive is relevant and not simply a collation of data from predetermined algorithms.

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The Red Flag Group IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports provides knowledge, insight, and advice, based on your specific risk appetite, helping you make more informed business decisions. Our Professional Services team brings to you a keen understanding of how local cultures and geopolitical factors can affect your decisions.

Due diligence is nothing new, but with an ever-evolving risk landscape, companies can struggle to consistently keep on top of regulatory changes while managing the shifting risks that may affect their business in a timely manner.

We add value to your business by ensuring that you achieve the maximum business insights from our experts, along with their findings and tailored advice to help you improve your company's integrity profile.


Our Professional Services team is trained to classify all reported risks into 23 different risk areas. This level of specificity allows finely-tuned risk reporting based on the tolerance of your company.

Access to primary and archived proprietary data allows us to provide insight into both historic and new information for a more in-depth report.

Consisting of certified lawyers, accountants, auditors, and fraud examiners, our regional Professional Services teams are located in all of The Red Flag Group's offices, which are strategically located in countries around the world including: the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East providing a truly global capability.

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Identifying the relevant risks and providing a relevant analysis may be straightforward but is never easy or simple. As a firm, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified - meaning we have implemented a Quality Management System which meets a globally-recognised standard.

Our Professional Services team receives regular training on regulatory changes and legal updates to ensure their analysis meets current and relevant applicable laws and regulations. After every report, a senior member of the team will conduct a review before delivery to ensure that the quality of work is never compromised or neglected. To further underline The Red Flag Group's commitment to quality, we conduct regular auditing of completed work and processes to identify areas of improvement and to help drive our standards ever higher.

Delivery does not mean the end of our work - we always ensure that you have access to our team of troubleshooters 24 hours a day through various platforms: physical response where possible, toll-free hotlines, email, and telephone. This responsiveness is our commitment to you. 

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