IntegraWatch® utilises a variety of technologies to accomplish the complex processes needed to effectively monitor global risks as they develop.

  • Adverse Media monitoring technology – facilitates comprehensive and daily risk identification from global media
  • Systems monitoring – helps guarantee critical updates such as sanctions lists occur without failure
  • Proprietary Content Management System – facilitates standardization of content additions, reporting and quality assurance
  • Multiple Access Points – allows clients to access IntegraWatch® through multiple Red Flag Group solutions including ComplianceDesktop®, Supplier Integrity®, and Options to access directly via a data feed or API are also available.

Continuous Improvement

The Red Flag Group® is committed to continuous improvement and leading the industry through creative and meaningful solutions to our client’s needs. The IntegraWatch Product and Development teams work hand in hand to design and deliver these solutions. Current projects include:

  • A comprehensive risk rating methodology which will assign a risk level to every profile in the database
  • Incorporating Rosette search technology into the search functionality which will greatly improve the search results experienced by clients
  • Creating a new technology which engages machine learning to further expand the media monitoring taking place and increasing accuracy and efficiency of data content addition