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Manage the integrity risks in new employees.

What are the risks in new employees and contractors?

A company’s success and reputation depends on the integrity and capabilities of its employees. It is therefore crucial to hire employees and contractors who not only possess the right skills and experience, but who also embrace your company’s values and culture.

Finding those employees not only involves analysing CVs and conducting interviews, but needs more in-depth research and wider background checks to ensure any selected candidates are the right fit, especially when hiring senior managers. This will not only mitigate potential investment or reputation risks, but also protect your company integrity, taking your company to the next level while saving time and money.

Hiring new employees poses human capital integrity risks for your business

Making a 'bad' hire can have serious implications for your business. It can impact on your operations, reputation and morale – all of which can cause lasting damage. IntegraHire™ | Pre-Employment Integrity Screening will help you to mitigate these risks and protect your business. This will not only reduce the cost and risks of a bad hire, but also protect your corporate reputation and integrity.

IntegraHire™| Pre-Employment Integrity Screening levels vary from a detailed research through several sources of personal information to a quick integrity check, always including our views and assessment on the risks identified and how they may impact your business.

Our value proposition

  • We have a multilingual and global team of research specialists in worldwide locations to ensure a full understanding of your information landscape, business culture and legal situation. Our in-depth analysis of these factors will uncover potential risks. 
  • Extensive on-the-ground coverage for local and international laws and regulations covering 45 languages.
  • Using proprietary data and information to compile our integrity reports. 
  • Access to thousands of primary data sources in over 180 countries and territories, allowing us to promptly and legally access information. 
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