Human Resources

We work with human resources teams on a day-to-day basis, helping them onboard new employees, conduct investigations and provide training.

We regularly provide our products and services to:

  • Vice presidents of human resources
  • Human resources operations
  • Regional and country human resources managers tasked with onboarding new employees and handling in-country employee compliance and ethics matters.

Our products and solutions in this area are all focused on building a great employee and contractor base that adds value to your business by promoting great ethical leaders and minimising any integrity and compliance risks.

We assist in conducting ethics, code of conduct and other misconduct investigations. We have coverage to support you and your internal clients across the globe with digital forensics, e-discovery, email reviews, interviews, document reviews and due diligence.

We build compliance programmes to manage employee onboarding and off-boarding, and around key human resources initiatives including discrimination, harassment and employees' use of company assets and social media.



Employment Executive Screenin

IntegraHire® | Executive Screening not only reduces the cost and risks of a bad hire, but also protects your corporate reputation and integrity.

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test obligations under employee programmes in each country you operate in with our IntegraSure® | Compliance & Integrity Audits.


Compliance Technology Platform

Human resources teams utilise the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform to minimise the integrity and compliance risks with corporate management, boards of directors, employees and contractors.

The platform is used by large companies across the world to manage the onboarding, automated screening and due diligence of their new employees and contractors.