Human resources


A large part of what human resources does every day is managing compliance. Compliance with local laws, payroll, entitlements, benefits, human rights, terminations, fair pay, transparency, discrimination, integrity, just to name a few. 

Human Resources deal with Compliance every day.

Our focus is to help HR Teams build great employees and contractor base that add value to your business by promoting great ethical leaders and minimising any integrity and compliance risks. We are focused on making sure your teams understand their compliance obligations and when things go wrong we help you investigate them. 

We assist in conducting ethics, code of conduct and other misconduct investigations. We have coverage to support you and your internal clients across the globe with digital forensics, e-discovery, email reviews, interviews, document reviews and due diligence.

We build compliance programmes to manage employee onboarding and off-boarding, and around key human resources initiatives including discrimination, harassment and employees' use of company assets and social media.

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Content Expertise. We know the law and we know the best practices of global companies. We can easily offer the value to clients around the challenges of hiring people across 194 countries.
  • Flexibility. We are not trying to take over the role of Human Resources or your legal department. Our focus is to help identify the compliance with obligations both at law and your company and best practices. We are flexible in our approach and in our projects and can work alongside your teams.
  • Fixed Price. Wherever possible, we operate on a fixed price basis.  We like to make our pricing very transparent and never open to interpretation. We can work on any currency and in any country.
  • Global. We have experience across 194 countries and a vast array of compliance initiatives.  From working on compliance training for new hires in Ghana to an acquisition of people in Georgia, we have the experience to deliver our expertise in high risk markets.
  • Practical. We believe in working smart and doing the same in our delivery projects.  Our advice and our projects are always practical, intelligently structured and easy to implement and manage.


Featured solutions


Employment Screening

IntegraHire® | Executive Screening not only reduces the cost and risks of a bad hire, but also protects your corporate reputation and integrity.  We do employment screening around the World and focus on higher level executives. Our screening solutions are deep, detailed and accurate. They are not a simple background check and a bunch of forms.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test compliance with employee programmes in each country you operate in with our IntegraSure® | Compliance & Integrity Audits. This could be benefits programmes, discrimination and whistleblower programmes or making sure that all employees have the right amount of knowledge on ethics and integrity. Our team is flexible in conducting reviews that add value by identifying gaps and propose remediation options to meet full compliance.


Training and Engagement

A big piece of our services to Human Resources teams are around Training the global workforce on what it means to be compliance and what skills they need to build a compliant environment. This ranges from e-learning systems through to workshops for new managers and leaders around compliance.

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