Our Channel hotline solutions add value to the channel

Our hotline system for Channel Partners is inexpensive and can be rolled out in less than one day. It gives partners a voice that they may not otherwise have.

Our solution is better than existing whistleblower solutions because:

  • technology driven - quick to implement and cost effective
  • no spend on system maintenance  up to millions of dollars are spent to maintain the system – a cost which continuously increases without adding value
  • no intermingling with other internal data - using a partner only system means that data cab be separated and managed separately and more effectively and quickly
  • no translation costs as all data is immediately translated at no charge wihtin the system
  • no risk of delayed follow-up – we are available to interpret the information without any delay in actions

What an effective hotline reporting platform should be

  • Simple and affordable to implement and maintain
  • Easy to access from anywhere, anytime
  • Promptly responsive and connected
  • Communicated in local languages
  • Configurable to company needs and policies
  • Compliant to local jurisdictions’ regulations
  • Integrated with a case management system