The Compliance Firm

We manage integrity and compliance risks in your company, channel partners, suppliers and customers

We are a business advisory, information services and technology Firm that helps corporations, financial institutions, government and SMEs manage integrity and compliance in their business and third parties.

As The Compliance Firm®, The Red Flag Group® is where Chief Compliance Officers come for strategic advice and solutions to make compliance a competitive advantage.

We apply our unique set of business intelligence, advice, and technology to manage the integrity and compliance risks across these four key areas.

  • Planning, implementing, measuring and monitoring integrity and compliance programmes
  • Selecting and managing the integrity of your suppliers 
  • Selecting and ensuring compliance in your sales channel compliance
  • Making sure you know your customers so your integrity is protected 


Our featured products include:


Expert advice across all industries and countries on what the risks identified mean to you.

We provide tailor-made assessments on whether you should engage a third party and suggests how you could manage the risks they pose. Our international in-house team of compliance experts,  covering over 45 languages, hold the expertise to collect, analyse, and highlight key information based on your needs and in all regions globally.  Learn more>



A curated database of people and organisations that could present compliance or integrity risks to your company.

Powering IntegraWatch® is a global research team that tracks and catalogues risks in 23 areas. These compliance experts identify issues that could expose you and your company to financial, regulatory and reputational risk, providing insightful comment on each issue. Learn more>


A total compliance management platform to manage third parties.

ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform is a software platform that can be accessed online and hosted by us or operated on your premises as part of a software licence. Learn more>

The Red Flag Group


The smarter way to manage  and monitor the integrity of your suppliers

Suppliers are a necessary part of every business. Our job is to ensure all your suppliers positively contribute to your integrity and compliance programme, from the start of the selection process and throughout the lifecycle of your products. Learn more>

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