Health & safety

Why is this a risk?

Health & safety risks are at the forefront of every company. Suppliers are providing you with services or products that may be unsafe and can make both your company and your customers liable.

Examples of where this risk could affect you

  • A supplier may have unsafe working conditions that cause injury to their staff while making or producing your products
  • A supplier may use unsafe materials in the manufacture of a product that they provide to you with you unknowingly incorporating that product into one of your products
  • While engaged in one of your projects, your supplier may cause injury to your workers or one of your customers, or they could damage your workplace, opening up your company for liability from third parties or your customer
  • Your supplier may have a history of unsafe work practices and may have restrictions imposed on their business by a government

What sort of suppliers could be engaged in this risk area?

Almost every supplier could pose health and safety risks. Clearly the most important areas are those that could affect your safety or that of your customers, including suppliers:

  • using chemicals or other additives that are hazardous to human health in products that they manufacture
  • producing products for you in countries where the location is subject to poor working conditions, unsafe environments or areas where public health is poor.

How are these risks managed?

The risks of health and safety are normally managed through:

  • checking to see if the supplier has had previous issues with health and safety compliance or has been prosecuted by any authority in any country
  • checking relevant databases like the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database
  • checking certifications of the suppliers against recognised certification agencies
  • conducting on-the-ground health and safety audits.

Which systems and tools do we provide as part of the Supplier Ecosystem™ Initiative to manage these risks?

  • IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database

  • Supplier due diligence

  • On-the-ground health and safety audits