The most advanced solution available to request, approve and track gifts, travel, hospitality and other compliance related expenses.

The benefits and value of managing gifts, travel, donations and entertainment: 

  • Managing the giving of 'anything of value' to a government official needs to be strictly controlled in most compliance programmes. The GTE® module of the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform are available to manage this risk.
  • The GTE® features allow you to setup a series of rules and approval levels for all types of benefits being given to government officials (or anyone).
  • The GTE® features are linked into your expense claim system or ERP systems, so that you can have an approval system and reimbursement system linked together.

Are you ready for the GTE® installation? ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have clear guidance on who can give gifts etc.?
  • Do you know when these should be acceptable?
  • Do you have country or regional limits on the value of a GTE expense? Are these annual, daily or cumulative limits?
  • How do approvals work? Which group needs to see or approve certain types of expenses?
  • How should these be reported?
  • Will the recipient be entitled to receive above the limit with approvals?
  • Is every expense being recorded or just those above the limits?
  • Do these rules apply to simple meals after a business meeting?
  • What happens to the data and who can access it?

A GTE® readiness services are mandatory upon purchase of the GTE® features of the ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform