General Counsel and Legal

We work with legal departments to support M&A activity and investigate misconduct

We regularly provide our products and services to:

  • General counsel
  • Members of legal teams, at corporate headquarters and country levels.

Our products and solutions in this area are often associated with investigations or corporate activity (such as acquisition due diligence).

We have coverage to support you and your clients across the globe with digital forensics, e-discovery, email reviews, interviews, document reviews and due diligence. 

We are experts at conducting investigations into corporate and individual misconduct around the world on extremely short notice. We assist in conducting FCPA and other misconduct investigations. 

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Integrity Due Diligence

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence is based on your specific engagements. We understand how integrity risks can impact your business and help you improve your integrity profile so it adds value to your business as a whole.