Export Control & Trade Compliance Professionals

We work with the export control professionals of our clients on a day-to-day basis, helping them onboard new customers and partners and manage the risks involved with the export and import of products.

We regularly provide our products and services to:

  • Vice presidents of export controls/trade compliance
  • Heads of trade sanctions
  • Channel operations teams
  • Regional and general managers tasked with managing local export and import issues.

Our solutions in this area are focused on screening of and due diligence on customer and channel partners.

Our ready-made products that are relevant to export control professionals include the following.

We assist in conducting export control, trans-shipment and  other misconduct investigations. We have coverage to support you across the globe with digital forensics, e-discovery, email reviews, interviews, document reviews and due diligence.

We build export control and sanctions compliance  programmes to manage export control risks.


Due Diligence The Red Flag Group.jpg

Integrity Due Diligence

IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence allows us to conduct deep-dive due diligence and background checks on new customers and partners across 194 countries and in as little as 48 hours.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test obligations under channel partner contracts, including denied party screening and shipping information, with our IntegraSure® | Compliance Reviews and Audits.



Compliance Technology Platform

The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform assists companies to ensure export control compliance and avoid severe monetary and criminal penalties.

The platform is used by large global companies across the world to manage the onboarding, automated screening and due diligence of their customers and channel partners. With over 500,000 users and translated into 18 languages, the platform is the leading solution for import/export third party management globally.


Compliance Screening

With IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening we can conduct one-off and bulk-managed screening solutions where we check our own databases for screening of new partners on your behalf.