Employee Screening

We provide our products and services to Governments and State Owned Entities to help them review their new employees and contractors.

We provide our products and services to:

  • Governments and Government Departments
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Government Invested Commercial Vehicles 

Screening and background checks on new employees

We have a unique ability to provide background checks and screening on incoming employees through our global coverage and ability to conduct searches confidentially with high levels of security and with a fast turnaround. We provide these services as part of an entire managed services end to end solution on your behalf or in your name. 

  • Our difference is:
    • both onshore and offshore resources that can leverage round the clock solutions
    • expertise in 40 languages to review backgrounds for incoming resources form overseas
    • escaleable solutions with resources and technology needs
    • high levels of confidentiality and integrity

For more Information on our Employee Screening services, contact Scott Lane, Chairman of The Red Flag Group