ETHIC Intelligence is the world’s leading anti-corruption certification agency and offers four different certificates adapted to the maturity, needs and structure of any private, public or not-for-profit legal entity

 In 2006, ETHIC Intelligence designed the first anti-corruption compliance standard based on legal requirements and international best practices. Since then, it has certified anti-corruption programs worldwide for companies of all sizes and from many sectors, including that of engineering, defence, telecommunications, banking, construction.

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Why Certify?

  • Increases the visibility of your anti-corruption commitments:

Anti-corruption certification offers convincing, tangible proof of your compliance efforts with internationally recognized anti-corruption standards. Having your organization’s commitment to transparency validated by an external, independent and highly qualified third party reassures clients and partners on your values and practices and provides you with a differentiating advantage. Communicating your stance on corruption also renders your organization appealing to employees who share your commitment to integrity.

  • Ensures the quality and continuous improvement of your anti-corruption program

Seeking certification has the initial effect of raising and formalizing processes within the company. The methodology guarantees that organizations awarded a certification have a compliance program adapted to their needs and specificities that remains compliant with international best practices. As best practices evolve, the pursuit of certificate renewal creates incentives for the company to re-evaluate its procedures. The audit report, which is reviewed by the ETHIC Intelligence Committee, composed of experts in the anti-corruption field, provides recommendations that help your organization reinforce its best practices in a way that is tailored to its particularities.

  • Decreases legal and financial risks

ETHIC Intelligence’s rigorous certification methodology means that the certifications can be used by companies to provide authorities with externally-verified proof of actions taken to prevent corruption in the event of an investigation or a prosecution. Certification demonstrates that compliance programs have been properly designed and implemented by an organization, hence lowering the organization’s liability in the event of bribery by an employee, etc.

How does The Red Flag Group maintain impartiality with ETHIC Intelligence?

ETHIC Intelligence maintains impartiality in certification decisions as ETHIC Intelligence remains an independent company even within The Red Flag Group. ETHIC Intelligence also has an Impartiality Committee with external stakeholders to assess such risks. Furthermore, a disclosure of absence of conflict of interest is signed with every auditor and clients prior to any audit. We also have an alert line to disclose any unidentified conflict of interest and we therefore comply with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 requirements 4.2, 4.8, 5.2 and 6.1.3.

The Red Flag Group will continue to provide solutions for clients to equip their compliance programmes, but will not provide specific services in order to ensure successful certification under ETHIC Intelligence

The Red Flag Group’s board, management team and staff consist of lawyers and governance experts who understand the issues around governance obligations around conflicts of interests. Our solutions will continue to equip clients with specific aspects of their compliance programmes with respect to third party integrity via data, intelligence and software, however the use of our services will not be a method to ensure successful certification under ETHIC Intelligence. The certification process remains an independent service separate to The Red Flag Group’s set of solutions.