Refreshing Code of Conduct and key policies for the 21st century



The client is a multinational company operating luxury hotels and managing real estate in over 20 countries.

The feedback from the business was that the Code of Conduct was legally drafted and totally in-readable by the teams globally.  Likewise, all policies and procedures were complex, legally drafted and unwieldy.  The client wanted a total redraft of all the material.  The company had strict branding guidelines that we had to use throughout the process.



We worked with the client to build a new Code of Conduct, managing the content, design and even printing.  The policies and procedures were also redrafted, reformatted and retranslated into several languages. The entire process meant several groups needed to be engaged in the project and all stakeholders had to buy off on the revised material before release.  We ran all the sessions, coordinated all the drafting and review and the release of the finished product.



About two months in total. We ran several groups in the company to gain input and sign off on the redrafts and made sure that all stakeholders were engaged as part of the process.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Practical. We are practical and know how to write in simple non-legal text.  We know how to write material that can be used by all employees at all levels.  We also know how to explain sometimes complex issues in simple language.
  • Country and regional experiences. We know the issues in countries and we know what to ask and what not to ask.  We are sensitive to local issues and careful not to give advice 'on the fly'. We think it is important that we reflect the local countries in our drafting and not build a 'headquarter' document, 
  • Logistical Management. We managed the entire process for soup to nuts in all locations. This included arranging all design and even printing.  We facilitated all the meetings and project managed the entire project for completion.
  • Fixed price. We charged a fixed price for the project and managed all external costs like printing in order to streamline the project and support the client from having to engage multiple vendors. 



  • New Code of Conduct in English and multiple languages, fully designed and printed.
  • New set of policies and procedures for key compliance areas in multiple languages.

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