Advising and consulting services

Expert consulting services to design your franchisee onboarding and compliance programme


Franchise organisations must build onboarding and compliance programmes that ensure effective, stable franchisees are engaged.

The Red Flag Group’s Advisory consultants help you build a franchisee onboarding and compliance programme that allows you to:

  • Select high-integrity, high-performing franchisees

  • Understand risks in domestic, international and emerging markets

  • Develop controls to minimise business and legal risk

  • Optimise franchisee onboarding to save costs

We also offer services to help continually build, develop and ensure the health of your programme, such as:

  • Risk assessments to understand which markets present the highest risk to franchisees and your organisation

  • Development of policies and codes on key topics for your organisation and the franchisee network

  • Managed Services to offload franchisee onboarding tasks to our team of experts