Training your partners is essential risk management and should be core to your integrity programme


The Red Flag Group provides training to employees, board members and your supply chain and business partners on a range of professional and compliance topics:

  • Face to Face Training small group interactive live classroom workshop facilitated by one of our subject matter experts. This service is available in several languages
  • Webinar Training interactive highly facilitated online workshop delivered by one of our subject matter experts. If you have an audience across multiple cities or countries this cost-effective solution is available several languages
  • Adaptive eLearning the Compliance Interactive® adaptive learning platform delivers highly personalised training to staff. Users complete an online learner profile and the platform will create a customised course comprising micro-learning modules on only the topics that user is required to complete.
  • Custom eLearning IntegraTeach® bespoke eLearning courses that deliver relevant and engaging compliance training to fulfil your specific learning outcomes. Designed to deliver positive behavioural change throughout your organisation.

These solutions can be blended together to provide the optimum solution for your or your business partner’s specific compliance and training requirements.   We can also undertake a full training needs analysis to build out a curriculum mapped to your partner community needs.

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Domain Expertise.  We have in-house compliance, ethics and business subject matter experts located across the world offering a unique global perspective on industry trends and issues. With we offer the know how to deliver training in a way that is highly engaging and gets your message across. 
  • Learning Excellence. With a team of highly experienced adult education specialists and instructional designers we design and produce digital content that meets you and your audience’s specific learning and knowledge needs.
  • Technology.  Our state-of-the-art learning technology is built and maintained by us to ensure we manage your technical needs. Our secure cloud hosted platforms and solutions follow HTML5, SCORM and xAPI eLearning standards and offer SSO and HRIS integrations through APIs



Compliance Interactive® is an advanced adaptive learning compliance platform that provides highly engaging content to each channel partner and employee based on their responsibilities, region or role.

By delivering a personalised targeted curriculum to each learner that focuses only on what each employee needs to know, your staff will be more engaged and will retain more knowledge.  Your organisation will also benefit from reduced annual training costs, as well as simplified programme administration.

Why use Compliance Interactive® to train your partners?

  • Mitigate Risk. Compliance training is proven to reduce regulatory fines and increase ethical awareness within a company.
  • Engaging. You will achieve higher staff engagement rates and create a more positive reaction among your participants, leading to a much greater level of acceptance of your compliance training initiatives. and changing their mindset and ethical behaviour
  • Adaptive Learning. Having competed their learner profile, users only need to study the topics they need to know and not waste their time on irrelevant generic content.
  • Browser. The platform browser-based, easy to launch from any desktop or mobile device.  Users can start their learning on one device and complete the course on a different one.
  • Quick to deploy. Compliance Interactive® is a secure cloud based platform offering ease of implementation and providing intuitive administration and reporting.
  • Multi-Language. Available in over 20 languages, the platform and courses can be configured to your staff or partners demographics.
  • Peace of Mind. We offer a custom solution that is fully tailor-made to suit your learning and compliance requirements. When you partner with The Red Flag Group, we support you every step of the way.


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Customised compliance eLearning courses that deliver relevant and engaging content to channel partners

We develop engaging custom courses in SCORM format for delivery through a Learning Management System.


  • Courses are tailored to your organisation and your channel program
  • Partners more readily remember content when it is more relevant to them.
  • Partners can easily apply the content to their daily activities and reduce the risk of non compliance


  • High-quality graphics and animations can engage people to learn more
  • Look and feel is modern and dynamic that adds to the interest in completing the course and learning something of value
  • Partners can relate to the characters and content as it is directly built for them


  • Easy to understand concepts that are more relevant to your business
  • Uses real-world scenarios from real channel situations
  • Provides practical solutions that have happened previously.

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