We provide training to your channel partners on a range of business and compliance related topics using three clear methods:

  • Face to Face Training by one of our experts in-country (in multiple languages if required)

  • Webinar style Training (in multiple languages if required)

  • Pre-Built e-Learning (Compliance Interactive®)

  • Custom e-learning (IntegraTeach®)

Compliance Interactive

Compliance Interactive® is an advanced adaptive compliance training platform that provides highly engaging content to each channel partner employee based on his or her job responsibilities.


By delivering an individualised and targeted curriculum to each learner that focuses only on what each employee needs to know, your organisation will benefit from reduced annual training time, as well as a simplified programme to administer.

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To see example content and request a demo, visit: complianceinteractive.com


Customised compliance eLearning courses that deliver relevant and engaging content to channel partners.

We develop engaging custom courses in SCORM format for delivery through a Learning Management System.



  • Courses are tailored to your organisation
  • Employees more readily remember content
  • Employees can easily apply the content to their daily activities


  • High-quality graphics and animations
  • Look and feel is modern and dynamic
  •  Employees can relate to the characters and content


  • Easy to understand
  • Uses real-world scenarios
  • Provides practical solutions