A Large database that allows a single database check to checking thousands of names as a batch check.


Check a name against a database of companies and people that have been involved in negative compliance issues across 23 different risk areas.

IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening is a database built and maintained by The Red Flag Group® and allows you to check names of people and companies against a purpose built database. It is updated daily and includes over 4m records spread across all industries and over 194 countries.

You can search the database for:

  • candidates and employees
  • new suppliers
  • new partners and channel providers
  • any other name of a company or person

Using the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database will allow you to identify whether the subject company or person has had previous compliance issues and give you information about those issues and allow you to determine whether that is a problem for you. 

Just because a company or person is in the database doesn't mean you can't do business with them, but it might mean that you think about the particular risk more closely and decide whether those issues are red flags for doing business.

The IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database contains information that supports the checking of customers to see if:

  • The organisation appears on a government sanctions or watch lists or a list issued by the Government and identified as a person of concern
  • The person is a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and linked to a political party which may increase the possibility of corruption or undue influence
  • The organisation is a State Owned Entities (SOEs) which may give rise to corruption risks, or change the way you engage with them around pricing or contracts
  • The organisation or person has been identified by a reputable media source or from litigation records as having been involved in a compliance issue presenting a risk as defined by The Red Flag Group's 23 risk areas. This might include a company that has been involved in corrupt practices, money laundering, export violations, privacy violations or very poor environmental or safety violations.

The IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening data is accessible through various platforms:  

  • Online from a per user subscription
  • As an API
  • Integrated into other software produced by The Red Flag Group®.



  • Relevance of Data.  Our aim has never to build the largest database, just the most relevant. We believe that the key is to build a dataset that our clients need.  We have a strict set of standards for only making sure that the data in our database is accurate and complete.
  • False Positives. The worst thing that you can do with a database is get too many hits. We try and avoid this by using the latest in search tools on the market to limit the false or similar names and only retrieve the hits that are relevant to you.
  • Access. We allow access to the database in multiple ways.  We are flexible in the ways that you can get access to the database.
  • Built by Humans. Our data is built by humans not a machine.  Our competitors simply scrape the internet and assess massive amounts of information.  Our data is searched and written by our Compliance Analysts.



Powered by an expert global research team

Powering the IntegraWatch® | Compliance Screening database is an expert global research team that tracks and catalogues risks in 23 risk areas across 194 countries. These compliance experts identify issues that could expose you and your company to financial, regulatory and reputational risks, and includes those organisations and individuals in our database.

Learn more on the scope, coverage and technology at www.integrawatch.com.

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