Our compliance reviews use the internationally agreed standards ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 as a starting point. Members of The Red Flag Group were integral in the establishment of these international best practice guides.

Whether planning a compliance programme for the first time, or looking beyond the basic building blocks of a programme, every organisation must design and operate an effective programme that responds to different commercial needs and specific risk exposures. While there is no universal programme that fits all businesses, the right advice from an experienced partner can provide guidance.

So that the compliance function can work alongside the business function, it is vital that companies benchmark their programme against industry norms and regularly monitor the programme to continually drive improvements.


Our benchmarking solutions give you access to our existing information on integrity risk initiatives and target research. We can then extend the research further and customise it to your company.

Most companies have some form of benchmarking initiatives. They may not be called that, or they may not even be a recognised programme, but they will exist in some way.

Our benchmarking services look at the integrity risk initiatives that are already in place, what is expected and what might be the best for your company.  

We have a wealth of knowledge about key industries, including:

  • Technology and hardware/software
  • Healthcare
  • Medical devices
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining.

Along with the above industries, we are constantly growing our expertise and knowledge based on client projects.

Benchmarking integrity risk programmes is ideal if you:

  • Have some integrity risk initiatives underway and want further understanding about your competitors, peers or an industry as a whole
  • Want access to our data on what companies are doing and how well they are implementing their programmes
  • Want to use this data to help educate your stakeholders or show the need to invest further in such programmes.


It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of your compliance programme, yet most companies do not have effective monitoring programmes.

We can help by:

  • Giving you access to our already collected information on integrity risk
  • Supporting the research of custom information on a needs basis.

We have been involved in monitoring compliance programmes and building the necessary tools for monitoring. Many companies simply build their programmes but have no idea whether they:

  • Actually work
  • Meet the required and agreed metrics established each year
  • Add value to the business
  • Manage risk effectively
  • Are best practice.

This service is useful if you:

  • Have a compliance programme but do not know that it does all of the above
  • Need to report out on the effectiveness of your compliance programme but have not established any metrics to actually measure it.


  • Independent building of key metrics and measurement techniques
  • Ability to report out on the programme and set metrics for improvement
  • Establish budgets for the compliance programme and add value to the business.