Compliance officers


We help compliance officers with innovative ideas to make Compliance a Competitive Advantage. We don't want compliance to be a cost center, we help you make it a revenue center.

Compliance is what we do.  It's our DNA.  We were one of the earliest compliance focused consulting Firms in the World. Starting in 2006, we helped compliance teams navigate the complexity of corporate compliance, ethics, and integrity.  Back in those days, compliance was definitely a cost center and looked upon as part of the legal department.

How things have changed.  Now, we help compliance officers with a range of services and solutions.  Some are aimed at kicking off a compliance department or programme and some are focused on maximising value from the compliance investments and truly adding value to a business.


Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Depth. Compliance is not just about 'plugging in a technology product' .  That is unrealistic.  It is hard work.  It involves people, process, technology, playbooks, change management, and access to data and intelligence.  We have all of these in-house. Very few companies in our space can compare to our depth in product, services and solutions.

  • Conflicts. We are not a mega accounting or law firm, while we support concepts of conflicts across clients, we simply don't have the complexity that large accounting or law firms have.  We are not bound by conflict rules and the fact that we might operate for your competitor is a huge advantage not a disadvantage.

  • Focus. Compliance is what we do.  We are a boutique Firm with broad compliance content knowledge. Most companies prefer to engage someone that has core competency, not someone that says 'we can do that as well'.

  • Greatness. Our products and solutions are all focused on building a great integrity and compliance programme that adds value to your business and minimises any integrity and compliance risks. We are not focused on box ticking compliance - we never have been

  • Efficiency. We provide strategic advice on how to build and maintain compliance departments and programmes.   Our focus is how you can get things done smarter, more efficiently and with lower cost.

  • Expertise. We know how to do it, because many of us actually did it ourselves before creating or joining the Firm.  We are compliance experts, not accountants that think they know compliance, or legal counsel that dabble in compliance - we are Compliance.  It is what we do.

  • Flexibility. Our flexibility in the way we operate, we charge, we report and we manage projects means that we can suit all companies, all styles and all cultures.  For some companies, you want us involved with the business, and for others it is supporting you behind the scenes.  Either way works for us.

  • Pricing. We want to add value and can adjust our model to any budget.  We can charge by project, by hour, or by service.  We are flexible and want to meet your budgets. We have small clients that spend a few thousand dollars a year and some that spend millions. We also have the flexibility of charging regionally, per country, in multiple currencies, and charging out our invoices to your subsidiaries globally.

  • Global. For many companies, we need to be global.  We need our teams to be around the World, we need them onsite and we need them culturally ready, language ready and attitude ready.  The development of our assets globally is important to our Firm and adds significant value to our clients.


What do we do for Compliance Officers Everyday?

In short, we help you with your programmes, either the design, the implementation, the management or the improvement.  We help in small ways or big ways.  We help in certain programmes (like, Anti-Corruption Programmes, for example) or across the entire department.  We even manage entire programmes on an outsourced basis.

Like our tag-line says, The Red Flag Group, is The Compliance Firm.


Featured solutions


Integrity Due Diligence


An IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence report checks the integrity and compliance risks associated with a company or person located anywhere in the world.

We offer our integrity due diligence to help compliance officers comply with export control programs, FCPA and anti-bribery programs or Know-Your-Customer programs.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test compliance across a business unit, subsidiary or division with our IntegraSure® | Compliance & Integrity Audits. 

Our focus can be on a particular risk area or cover a range of compliance issues affecting a particular subsidiary or joint venture.

Our audits can be offered across the World in over 45 languages.


Compliance Technology Platform

The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform helps you and your teams manage your a range of compliance initiatives

Third party onboarding (such as suppliers, distributors, resellers and agents), from initial contact at the on-boarding process through to off-boarding.

Screening and sanctions compliance

Case management and issue recording 

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