Compliance Analytics pratice

Make data work to achieve your compliance goals.

Maintaining an effective compliance programme and managing global risks is getting harder with increased regulatory pressure and expanded globalisation. Compliance leaders are turning to data and analytics to give visibility to issues that could impact the organisation and monitor the success of compliance initiatives.

The Red Flag Group® recognises that data is fundamental to a successful compliance programme and has created the Compliance Analytics Practice to enable our clients to analyse risk at scale. We develop a layered approach to risk management that combines expert compliance advisory with a comprehensive data and advanced analytics strategy to meet compliance programme goals.

Benefits of our approach to compliance analytics

Compliance analytics practice

Improve Outcomes

Data driven compliance programmes achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness over traditional approaches. We deliver a Compliance Data Strategy that gives you a path to visibility and actionable insights into your compliance programme.  


Flexible Solutions

Compliance challenges are not out-of-the-box, so why would your solutions be? By partnering with compliance advisory experts to fully understand your compliance needs, you can be confident in the results.

Compliance analytics

Strategic Agility

The business environment changes rapidly with new risks evolving daily. You need a trusted compliance analytics advisor that can adapt your Compliance Data Strategy to developing risks.

Compliance analytics

Maximise Technology Investments

Save time and money by leveraging your current technology investments. We are technology agnostic, we work with in-place solutions or recommend best-of-breed enterprise tools.

Solutions offered by the Compliance Analytics Practice

Compliance analytics data

In addition to the core solutions offered by the practice, we also develop custom scoped efforts to support compliance analytics needs of our clients.