Make sure you ask critical questions to your provider to ensure you gain advise

Top things to ask your provider to really test them out.  


Does your provider:

  1. Have experienced teams of researchers supervised by trained lawyers?

  2. Classify risks against a detailed list of risk categories relevant to your industry?

  3. Present risks found in the local cultural and industry context in which they are found?

  4. Employ local country experts in research offices around the world or rely on a single location with all research outsourced?

  5. Utilise a customised risk rating for all reports based on your specific requirements?

  6. Provide guidance on remediation of risks found including recommended next steps?

  7. Present detailed lists of all sources utilised during the research process?

  8. Present detailed methodology including key words and detailed lists of all sources used during the research process?

  9. Present a documented Quality Assurance Process?

  10. Have ISO certifications?

  11. Ensure the staff engaged in due diligence investigations receive professional certification and ongoing training?

  12. Incorporate technologies supporting all aspects of the Due Diligence process including customised third party questionnaires which can initiate due diligence reports?

  13. Offer a wide range of services such as Consulting, Audit and Managed Services support?

  14. Offer bespoke reports that fit your specific requirements?

  15. Assign a single point of contact, in your region, to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner?

I feel that all of our requests are heard. It’s also great when we get the opportunity to meet with Scott Lane or the sales representative face-to-face and discuss our latest needs.
— Director, Legal & Compliance, Global Medical Devices Manufacturer