Outsource your Channel Integrity Programme 

We have the resources to manage the administration and management of your entire channel on-boarding and monitoring programme in every country in which you operate for a simple monthly fee.

Everyday, channel and compliance professionals struggle to manage the administrative & compliance tasks concerned with onboarding and monitoring a channel. Tens of thousands of channel partners may need management and monitoring.

This is what we call the Compliance burden of managing a channel.

Our Managed Services offerings, allow you to

  • Spend more time on strategic priorities rather than admin tasks

  • Allocate your own existing resources more efficiently and focus on the important things

  • Experience smoother compliance processes and get results more quickly with an outsourced option.


  • Admin Tasks. We can help with the simple admin tasks of managing a channel integrity program.  This could include collecting information, reviewing applications and conducting basic screening or new applicants.  This frees up your resources to work on more higher end valuable work.
  • Monitoring. We could manage the entire channel partners against our databases and also against other information to identify non performing partners from both an integrity and business perspective.
  • Onboarding Operations.  There are a lot of onboarding tasks.  Checks to be done, forms to fill out and paperwork to get filed.  We can take all this off your hands and move it to an online system freeing up your team to focus on more important matters.
  • Total Program Management. We can also manage the offboarding and the audits and compliance matters associated with the channel partners. This total solution can include the items above and also other items that you have as part of your channel program.  It might include, for example, selecting annual certifications, managing training to the partners or collecting and reviewing monthly sell out reports.   In short, we want to be your administrative and operational partner in managing your channel.



  • Fixed Price.  All our services are delivered on a fixed price basis.  We always stick to your pricing and are open to capping annual increases.  We aim to give you the fixed costs that you need to run your business.
  • Billing. We are able to invoice your subsidiaries around the World so that the costs of our services are embedded into the local businesses that we manage their channel partners. 
  • Flexibility. we are flexible in our approach to your project.  We have the people, the technology and the know-how already.  How we apply that to your business is really up to you to decide.
  • Resources.  Our resources are trained and ready to go.  We can take over a program in a matter of days. Our focus is to have the right talent applied on a full-time or part-time basis to your project either on your site or ours.
  • Languages.  We have a global team with a global set of 45 languages.  Our technology platforms that we use are already in 18 languages and an unlimited ability to collect information in any languages.
  • Technology. Our technology is built and ready to go.  We can use our technology and apply your channel partners into our system in less than a day.  Our pricing need not include our technology which we can use internally and just embed this into our fee making it easier for you from a cost perspective.



                                                                                   CASE STUDIES


Managing third-party onboarding for a semiconductor company

Our Professional Services team managed a third party onboarding process for a global semiconductor company, saving this client 30 departmental hours a week.

healthcare, people, technology and medicine concept - close up o

Acquisition integration project management for pharmaceutical company

Our team managed acquisition integration due diligence on 300 third parties parties following our client’s acquisition of a competitor.