Investigations and Misconduct in channel partners.

We conduct Compliance Investigations into channel issues including corrupt payments, kickbacks, channel stuffing, grey market, counterfeit products and conflicts of interest.

Responding to allegations of misconduct can require complex and in-depth investigations. If a company does not conduct an investigation into misconduct, it is creates significant regulatory and reputational risks.

We have a dedicated team of researchers, former in-house counsel and on-site auditors to ensure that the right people are interviewed, the correct data is examined and the proper follow up steps are clearly planned.

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Capability. We have expert capabilities in dozens of risk areas involving channel partners. Companies rely on us to examine:
    • Bribery and corruption in the channel and potential offers of something of value to a customer
    • Kickbacks from channels to your sales people for special pricing or referring business
    • Conflicts of interest where your sales people (or their families) have investments in channel partners
    • Improper gifts and entertainment given by channel partners and sanctioned or paid for by your company through special pricing, margin or marketing funds
    • Channel stuffing where advanced orders are placed without end user orders
    • Bid rigging between channel partners
    • Collusion between channel partners
  • Quick and reliable. We complete most investigations in less than four weeks.  We know what we are doing and focus on the job at hand not trying to expand the project constantly into new areas.
  • Speed. Timeliness, urgency and accuracy are keys to a successful investigation. The longer it takes to get to the bottom of an issue, the more time is left for those involved to cover their tracks, destroy key documents and commit additional wrongdoings
  • Fixed Price. Most investigations firms will never charge fixed price.  We always charge fixed price and always scope ot our projects in very clear phases to enable you at each stage to go further into the investigation.


Although no two investigations are ever exactly the same, we have established a proven and trusted method to collect information and get results during the investigation process.

Compliance Investigations

Investigation planning and project management

  • Managing the kickoff of the investigation including timeline and budgets
  • Securing documents and hold notices
  • Mapping out the investigation plan and progression
Compliance Investigations

Conducting background research on key people and companies

  • Background checks typically include corporate registry information, media, reputation, conflict of interest, watch list and sanctions checking, site visits and other searches of public records (i.e. litigation)
Compliance Investigations

Document gathering and review

  • Imaging hard drives, emails, phones and other devices of employees 
  • Review of key financial documents
  • On-site collection of books, ledgers and other hard copy materials
  • Review of all data gathered through interviews, imaging, and research using screening software and subject matter experts
Compliance Investigations Interviews


  • Conducting interviews of company personnel according to the investigations plan
  • Translation and transcription of interviews
Compliance Investigations Reports


  • Summary report and presentation based on key findings including recommended next steps to address problems identified
  • Detailed notes on documents, interviews, research and all essential information.