Feed inbound issues directly into an incident management system

Our advanced incident/case management system designed by investigators and compliance officers allows you to manage incidents from beginning to end.

Our incident/case management solution is available in multiple ways:

  • as an integrated module in our Compliance Desktop® | Compliance Technology Platform for clients that already use the Platform or wish to purchase it
  • as a separate web based application that you can build onto your website or sub-domain



  • Review case information and triage

    • Immediately get notified when a report is made via the IntegraCall® mobile app or online form

    • Cases submitted in foreign languages are automatically and instantly translated

    • Add new cases manually if required, so you can track and manage all cases from all channels in one place

    • Conduct triage on the case to determine the possible impacts and risks for the case and take faster escalation steps

  • Formulate your investigation teams and collaborate

    • Assign cases to internal or external teams to conduct investigations

    • Store all relevant information and files in one place so that those who have access to the case can collaborate

    • Easily connect to the anonymous whistleblower by exchanging messages and files in real time

    • Restrict access so only those who are allowed to see and share the case can see the investigation information and case status, to protect information and privacy


  • Be informed as cases progress

    • Monitor and be notified of any progress on cases that are relevant to you

    • See recent activities and updates on all cases that are happening globally via the dashboard

    • Easy-to-navigate overview of all cases, including case statuses, number of open cases, number of closed cases and investigation progress

    • Run searches by case level, keywords, case owner, period, misconduct type, location of the event, case status etc.

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