The Red Flag Group® turning compliance into a competitive advantage.

The Red Flag Group is a global integrity and compliance risk firm. We apply our unique set of advice, technology and business intelligence applications to manage the integrity and compliance risks of our customers. We have a proven methodology that we use to help companies manage these risks. 

The Red Flag Group® was founded in 2006 by former in-house counsel and senior compliance officers of large multinational companies who wished to apply their skills to businesses looking to enhance their compliance infrastructure.

The Red Flag Group assists companies in developing and maintaining efficient and effective corporate governance and compliance programmes, and has a proven track record in providing integrity due diligence investigations in 194 countries. 

The Red Flag Group has grown to be a worldwide compliance firm, with well positioned brands including:  

  • ComplianceDesktop® l Compliance Technology Platform
  • IntegraCheck®  l Integrity Due Diligence
  • IntegraWatch®  l Compliance Screening
  • IntegraCall® | Secure Compliance Hotline
  • Compliance Interactive® | Adaptive Compliance Training

Integrity and compliance risks are in every business and in every business deal. Our clients typically want to ensure that their companies and all of the third parties with whom they interact  also have strong integrity. Our focus is making sure that every integrity risk that could arise in a client's business is predicted, identified, monitored and managed. 

Our Corporate Values 



We are fast-paced and always pro-active. We are responsive and move quickly to predict and meet the challenges that arise from change to best serve our clients, our shareholders and colleagues.



We empower the people around us. We build productive and meaningful relationships with our clients and each other. We embrace diversity and understand that together we can achieve more.



We continuously reassess to ensure we have the expertise, skills and drive to be industry leaders. We strive to deepen our understanding of our clients so we can exceed their expectations in every interaction.



We are innovators who seek to create extraordinary solutions. We enhance our client’s businesses through our experience, technology and determination to be their trusted adviser.

We continue to drive the compliance industry resulting in growth and rapid expansion. This success creates an environment where our employees are continually supported to develop and learn new skills. For those with passion and ambition, a career with The Red Flag Group can be tremendously rewarding
— David Youngson, Non-Executive Director
At The Red Flag Group, highly-talented individuals unite around an unrelenting focus on quality, customer focus with integrity, and product and service innovation. Here you will be inspired and challenged by mentors, supported by teams, and motivated by tangible results.
— Scott Lane, CEO & Chairman

Our people


They create awareness and advocate the importance of the compliance function. 

This initiative was created to celebrate our members’ innovation, growth, and purpose.

They are drawn from across The Red Flag Group® and are all united in their commitment to developing the role of compliance and ethics in business.

Find out who these people are, what motivates them, and why they are part of our winning team.

As part of our commitment to building best practice in compliance and ethics, we want to acknowledge the people who enable compliance to become a competitive advantage. 




Our commitment

Our Firm leadership are trusted advisors to our clients and also to our employees. They commit to several key obligations that contribute towards the trust that is required between leadership and employees.

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