The Red Flag Group® philosophy is that Great Businesses need Great Suppliers.

We are the place that Supply Chain, Procurement and Business Leaders turn when they need help on making sure the Suppliers they engage will add value to their business and not cause physical damage, loss of business or reputational damage.

Our over 200+ person team of compliance experts, lawyers, accountants, researchers and subject matter experts across 20+ countries and 45+ languages help clients select suppliers, monitor suppliers and train suppliers to add value to your business.

The Red Flag Group® has helped companies manage their suppliers on various topics.

  • Drafting and Implementing Supplier codes of conduct
  • Selecting suppliers by conducting detailed due diligence and integrity analysis
  • Implementing Supplier Integrity - our SaaS product to manage supplier risks
  • Conflict of interest programmes to ensure suppliers and the company are at arms length
  • Audits of suppliers on a range of risk areas across the Globe
  • Investigations into supplier misconduct and allegations of corruption, money laundering, false advertising, grey market selling, child labor and human trafficking

Featured Solutions


Supply Chain Risk Management Solution

Our SaaS software Platform called Supplier Integrity® helps you and your teams manage your suppliers, from onboarding to continuous monitoring, to understand the potential risks to your business and corporate reputation. Our SaaS Platform plugs into other vendor management platforms to share data and use that data to assess risk and advise on onboarding and ongoing approval steps.


Integrity Due Diligence

We use our IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence reports to check on new customers and new partners to make sure they are not trans-shipping products or selling to illegal parties. Our global team allows us to conduct deep-dive due diligence and background checks across 194 countries and in as little as 48 hours.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test obligations under channel partner contracts, including denied party screening and shipping information, with our IntegraSure® | Compliance Reviews and Audits.  Our focus is to make sure that your partners are completing their screening requirements and are complying with the terms of their contracts with you which often obligate them to do a large portion of screening before they ship products.

Featured Insights