Our approach


Our approach and philosophy is that businesses should grow by taking on more risk. Companies can accelerate their performance by taking on more risks.

We believe that these risks need to be understood, calculated and managed effectively. We help businesses understand risks and then find practical ways to manage those risks.

The Firm, with its mixture of products & solutions, is ready to deploy globally to contribute positively to your business, not just complying with policies or regulations as part of a compliance initiative.

Companies sell through distributors and resellers. These 'partners' are an extension of your sales force. We believe that great channel management can add significant value to a business. It can drive customer acceptance, create a committed sales team (without headcount exposure) and can often generate better margins.

Managing a channel is hard and its inherent nature of being 'external' creates a degree of risk and management that is uncomfortable. 

We believe that proper selection, support, training, operational excellence and monitoring can support the channel to drive more revenue for your business. Our approach allows channels to thrive and grow without the risk of collapse, financial risks or reputational damage.

Manage your channel partners

  • Supporting suppliers to increase their awareness of risk through communications and training
  • Offboarding channel partners
  • Monitoring compliance with contractual, legal and ethical obligations post contract
  • Selecting and conducting risk assessments, screening and due diligence on proposed companies and people
  • Conducting reviews, audits and investigations on the conduct of channel partners, both proactively and reactively through transaction monitoring and other assessments

We help ensure the suppliers you select meet the expectations you have for them

Every company has suppliers. A great supply chain is a great competitive advantage. Our role is to help make it even more solid by managing risks in the supply chain. We help clients make better selection decisions, allow them to understand where issues might happen (e.g. risks) and to manage them upfront.

Manage your suppliers

  • Identifying potential supplier risks for global businesses by conducting risk assessments, screening and due diligence on proposed and existing suppliers
  • Conducting reviews, audit and investigations on suppliers around integrity and compliance through transaction monitoring and assessments
  • Monitoring suppliers throughout the product life cycle for changes in behavior, compliance regulations and sourcing expectations
  • Supporting the suppliers to increase their awareness of risk that could impact downstream customers through education, communication and training

Banks have known this for years, but other types of companies have not. It's time to change that. 

The world has changed. You will be judged on who buys your products, how you sell your products and what products you allow people to buy. Whether it is a customer that has a bad reputation, is involved in money laundering, trading your products on the black or grey market, or involved in a fraud syndicate, there are ways to manage customer risks.

    Manage your customers


    • Identifying risk in customer transactions and ensuring that companies sign up the right customers
    • Conducting reviews, audits and investigations on suppliers around integrity and compliance throughout the life of their contract
    • Managing potential risks associated with new customers around contract compliance, sanctions, ethical and legal/regulatory behaviour

    Compliance with policies, laws and regulations should not be cost centre nor a burden on business. We believe in Turning Compliance Into A Competitive Advantage®. We think there are ways to comply with laws, regulations, best practices, and to make these efforts actually add value to your business, drive better returns, increase stakeholder acceptance and produce better financial results.

    Our approach is to always give our clients best practices in compliance, but to do so with the following in mind:

    • The simplest, shortest and most clear instructions, support and guidance around compliance possible;
    • The greatest use of advanced technology to automate process; 
    • The most advanced artificial intelligence techniques to drive efficiency and predict when issues might arise;
    • The most effective awareness, communications and training applications; and
    • The best, most user-friendly compliance reporting systems using 'app first' methodologies

    Risk and compliance

    • Data privacy
    • Fraud
    • Gifts, travel and entertainment
    • Money laundering


    • Conflicts of interest
    • Bribery and kickbacks
    • Insider trading
    • Anti-competition
    • Harassment and discrimination
    • Health and safety

    Not addressing issues can lead to fines, irreparable reputational damage, lost time/resources and an unsustainable company culture.