Design and manage a compliance programme
that accelerates your business growth


APAC 2018

FROM REACTIVE TO EFFECTIVE: Design and manage a compliance programme that accelerates your business growth.

Compliance is increasingly being integrated into business, meaning compliance programmes need to be more about the efficiency of business and how to accelerate performance. Join this workshop to find out how to:

  • Tweak your existing programme to support a business environment of 'higher risk means higher returns’

  • Identify high-risk situations and focus your time and resources where they matter

  • Build your team’s KPIs to prove your value and demonstrate ROI

Hong Kong

When: 9am - 2 pm on Thursday, 19 July 2018

Where: The Clipper, 48-49 Floor, American Club (Town Club), Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong


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Where: Sydney and Perth 

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More information coming soon



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*This educational activity has been submitted to the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® and is currently pending their review for approval of CCB CEUs.


Our panelists will share their experiences on how they have made themselves indispensable to the business by driving it forward through: 

Compliance Training

Why isn’t compliance training effective? 

Possibly because the majority of learners are millennials. Compliance training content may be lengthy and dull.

Potentially because there is not enough resource (talent and budget).

Walk away from this session knowing that you can:

  • Adapt training modules in numerous languages to different audiences based on their job roles and the geographies they work in

  • Deploy bite-sized, relevant and up-to-date content anytime over any learning management system

  • Alleviate the administrative burden

Building a Compliance Culture

Case study: Are your policies and procedures enough to build an ethical culture? What’s needed to ensure its effectiveness?

Work in groups using real examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Focus will be on policies and procedures on:

  • Gifts, travel, expenses, donations and sponsorships

  • Speaking up

Compliance Reporting and KPIs

Data is the new oil. Is yours in Excel, Tableau, or in disparate systems that do not connect?

This session will:

  • Explore smarter ways to capture data across the entire compliance programme -from audit trails to investigations

  • Show you ways to measure a programmes success

  • Tell you five things to mention in your performance review to demonstrate your effectiveness

Integrity Due Diligence

Let’s break down what due diligence is.

This session will help you better understand:

  • Why the concept of managing ‘third parties’ is wrong

  • That ‘screening’ and self-certification is not adequate

  • That Google and credit checks are not due diligence

Due diligence is a cost to business and is not a dump of open-source data. So, find out how you can ensure that you get a full view of all matters associated with each relationship, not just compliance and integrity-related information.