Designing, building, implementing and managing compliance programmes across 23 key risk areas


Our professional services teams are compliance experts and are involved across a range of solutions to help clients with their compliance programmes.

As The Compliance Firm® we help people build and implement compliance programmes.  We follow a framework defined by ISO 19600 as our guide on what should be included in a compliance programme. This framework gives us the structure we need to provide useful consulting on key risk areas that relate to business.

Our engagements include:

  • Defining and building compliance programmes around key compliance risk areas including:
    • ethics, integrity, codes of conduct
    • anti-bribery, corruption and government relations
    • export controls and trade sanctions
    • privacy, data security, information security
    • conflicts of interest, fraud and misconduct
    • channel and supplier integrity programmes (including screening and integrity due diligence)
    • CSR compliance and employee relations
  • Conducting compliance risk assessments and culture assessments
  • Building awareness, communications and training programmes including face to face training, custom eLearning, workshops and executive programmes
  • Audits and health checks
  • Pre-Certification assessments 
  • Investigations of misconduct
  • Managing entire compliance programmes on an outsourced basis.

Like many Professional Services projects our engagements vary from simply reviewing a few policies, to conducting global investigations, to managing routine compliance tasks on your behalf. Our product suite is diverse and much of it is custom developed based on the needs of each client. However, the lists above highlight some of our key areas of focus. 

Why The Red Flag Group?

  • Knowledge.  We have the content knowledge across several key risk areas to build compliance programmes.  We know how regulators think having presented to them many times on our clients' programmes.  We have the knowledge in legal content (as many of us are lawyers) but also in the practical elements of operating a programme.  We have the depth in content areas and also the skills in change management, people management and process design and implementation.
  • Capacity. Unlike a small operation, we have over 200 trained professionals that work together as a team on behalf of clients.  Many of the firms in the market today have one or two professionals and we believe that we have the scale to support almost any engagement for our client base.  Our teams are skilled, experienced and well managed.  They are ready to engage projects on short notice when required and are able to travel quickly.
  • Global. We have a footprint across all major regions of the world and speak over 45 languages.  We believe we have the coverage that is required for global companies.   
  • Fixed Pricing. Wherever possible we engage in fixed pricing for all our engagements.  We are not a law firm and do not charge like one.

Featured solutions


Integrity Due Diligence

An IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence report checks the integrity and compliance risks associated with a company or person located anywhere in the world.

We offer our integrity due diligence to help compliance officers comply with export control programmes, FCPA and anti-bribery programs or Know Your Customer (KYC) programmes.


Compliance Audits

We can review, audit and test compliance across a business unit, subsidiary or division with our IntegraSure® | Compliance & Integrity Audits. 

Our focus can be on a particular risk area or cover a range of compliance issues affecting a particular subsidiary or joint venture.

Our audits can be offered across the world in over 45 languages.


Compliance Technology Platform

The ComplianceDesktop® | Compliance Technology Platform helps you and your teams manage your range of compliance initiatives.

Third party onboarding (such as suppliers, distributors, resellers and agents), from initial contact at the onboarding process through to offboarding.

  • Screening and sanctions compliance
  • Case management and issue recording 

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