Our Training is targeted to what our clients need.

Our focus is to reduce the complexity of global compliance training and make the training more effective.

Before Compliance Interactive®, compliance professionals had to choose from two options: Generic and role-based training 

  • Generic courses - while a generally inexpensive solution, these training programmes are general and waste time with irrelevant content that doesn’t apply to every employee
  • Role-based courses - offer an improvement over generic training, however do not address the diversity of responsibilities and activities

Responsibility-based training is the next evolution of compliance training. Using advanced technology, Compliance Interactive®adapts to deliver the specific compliance and risk training based on an individual employee’s role, responsibilities and location.

“Results for learning indicated that significantly higher learning outcomes were achieved”

— Adaptive E-Learning Environments: Research Dimensions and Technological Approaches. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies (2013)



  • IMPROVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Maximise your training efforts by delivering responsibility-based content to a diverse, global workforce. Delivering targeted responsibility-based content, to each employee.
  • INCREASE LEARNER ENGAGEMENT. By delivering relevant content and real-world scenarios, you will increase learner engagement and retention of important compliance topics.
  • DELIVER EXPERT CONTENT. The Red Flag Group’s global team of training experts includes former in-house compliance professionals, lawyers, attorneys and other subject matter and training experts.
  • SIMPLIFY IMPLEMENTATION. Reduce the complexity and stress by assigning training once and the adaptive training system delivers the correct compliance content. Gain peace of mind knowing the correct compliance training is assigned, tracked and reported.