Compliance Screening

Compliance Database

Protect your company: Integrawatch® Compliance Screening is designed to provide a first line of defense against potential third party risks

Avoid costly legal, financial, and reputational damages

IntegraWatch® brings you the most up-to-date information regarding heightened risk individuals and entities in a unified database to help you make informed business decisions, and avoid costly legal, financial, and reputational damages.  

IntegraWatch® Compliance Screening Database is a database of people & organisations who appear on government sanctions or watch lists, are Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), a State Owned Entity (SOE), or have been identified by a reputable media source as presenting a risk as defined by The Red Flag Group's 23 risk areas. 

The data is accessible through various platforms including, ComplianceDesktop® & Supplier Integrity®

IntegraWatch® Compliance Screening is the ideal solution for:

  • Companies seeking to screen all of their third parties as part of a risk based approach to due diligence
  • Companies in need of a compliance database focused on their industry and risk appetite
  • Companies seeking to monitor their third parties after initial due diligence
  • Companies seeking to screen suppliers and customers
  • Financial institutions seeking to meet their KYC/AML obligations

 The data screened against includes:

  • Global Sanctions, Denied Parties and Watchlists
  •   Politically Exposed Persons
  • State-Owned-Entities
  • Global Adverse Media from English and Non-English sources

IntegraWatch® is unique in that it is a true global database with monitoring of at least one or more primary local news outlets in every country of the world covering 54 different languages. The adverse media data is summarized and categorized into one of 23 different risk areas allowing for refined search capabilities and easy determination of risk. Ongoing monitoring of your third parties is easily and reliably achieved with notifications should any new information become available.

THE BENEFITS of integrawatch® ARE CLEAR:

The Red Flag Group - Compliance Screening

All your compliance risk information in one place

The expert curated database draws on over 2,500 of the most reputable sources and examined by a worldwide team of compliance experts giving you access a wealth of business-critical information in one place.

Multilingual Compliance Screening

Global coverage of potential risks monitored and translated in 45 languages

With research capabilities in 45 languages, IntegraWatch® offers you truly global coverage of potential risks in your global networks and partners.

The Red Flag Group - IntegraWatch

Keep ahead of fast-paced and often opaque regulatory developments

The database exceeds regulatory requirements. Keep ahead of fast-paced and often opaque regulatory developments so you reduce your exposure to possible enforcement actions.

The Red Flag Group - IntegraWatch

Unrivalled risk coverage for the entire organisation

A solution that supports the needs of the entire organisation means less cost and greater efficiencies for you.

Comprehensive Compliance Screening

Accurate and continuously audited data

Comprehensive data that meets cross-industry and cross-functional needs and which is fully and continuously audited means you can be confident in the veracity and relevancy of the risk information you receive.

The Red Flag Group - Compliance Screening

Access from anywhere

Web-based or accessible through your own systems, IntegraWatch® makes it easier than ever for you to be compliant and risk aware.

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