We help companies make better decisions in selecting their key stakeholders.


The Red Flag Group® is a business intelligence and technology firm that helps clients accelerate their performance and manage risk by selecting better business partners, employees, suppliers and customers.

Over 5,000,000 integrity reviews on companies and people across the world with the majority in the emerging markets already completed and available for clients, either ad hoc or on a subscription basis.

Over 200 qualified professionals involved in research and assessment of companies and people in over 194 countries on an as needed basis.

Over 100 technology development professionals developing database and technology solutions to manage tasks associated with managing risks in business partners, employees, suppliers and customers.

Projects across 194 countries involving 45 languages and over 12 years experience.

15 global offices across 5 continents.


Data, Insights & Business Intelligence

Access our proprietary research, ratings and intelligence on companies and people across194 countries.


We support over 800 global companies in helping them select their business partners across 194 countries.

Our research teams are located in 15 countries and speak 45 languages. Our teams conduct research and provide data, intelligence and advice to you on key attributes of your due diligence process. We conduct this work for clients that are looking for data, information and advice on how they should work with their key business partners, employees or acquisition targets.

  • Our teams use proprietary research techniques and build profiles on companies and people in 194 countries.

  • We have access to data sources in country and build on this data with our country and risk insights and create usable intelligence to help you conduct your due diligence obligations.

  • We use both human research and automated AI driven research to build and keep updated our datasets.

  • We use a proprietary ratings methodology to risk rate companies and provide you with ratings to enable you to easily benchmark an integrity assessment.

We have researched, rated and assessed over 5,000,000 companies and people in our 12 year history. Our expertise provides you with the information and intelligence needed to make informed decisions when engaging with third parties.


Onboarding Technology

Access to a cutting edge SaaS solutions to help onboard new channel partners, customers and suppliers. 


We are a technology Firm that designs, builds and maintains technology solutions used by clients to onboard their key business partners, suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders.

Our fully SaaS based multi-language technology solutions allow you to:

  • Connect with other systems including your ERP system, procurement systems or channel management or CRM systems.

  • Engage with the proposed new partner, employee or customer and have them complete their profiles, fill out questionnaires, provide certifications, upload information and answer key questions in any language they select.

  • Aautomatically conduct integrity screening of the supplied information and risk rate the data provided and propose a course of action and workflow.

  • Regularly monitor the information against key screening databases.

Our technology solutions are integrated into our databases and research tools allowing you to seek further information and advice on your proposed business partner. You can also use any other provider and include their research into the record of the partner in our technology platforms.

Our technology platforms are managed and developed by our Firm, and hosted in datacentres in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Available for deployment within hours, our technology solutions are used by clients to help manage onboarding, monitoring and off-boarding their third parties.


Technology Solutions:


Our Advisory team will help you to:

  • Understand your legal and business drivers for conducting due diligence on your key partners and stakeholders.

  • Identify potential risks in signing up your key partners and stakeholders.

  • Develop programmes to match legislative and business requirements in your country or industry with the risks identified, establishing a comprehensive business focused approach at managing that risk.

  • Implement our data & intelligence and technology solutions as key aspects of your programmes.

Our Advisory team:

  • Works internationally with a focus on helping you globally and in the emerging markets.

  • Has experience in a range of industries and company size.

  • Focuses on building programmes that are 'fit for purpose' and 'right sized' for your company and your risk tolerance.


We definitely get value for the dollar with The Red Flag Group. The Firm is honest and ethical and charges a reasonable fee for its service