The Red Flag Group® is a tech-driven Professional Services Firm that applies a unique set of business solutions to help clients accelerate their performance by managing risk effectively. 

Over 200 qualified compliance professionals
Over 100 technology development professionals
Projects and experience in 194 countries
Expertise in 45 languages
15 global offices across 5 continents

Risk and Compliance

The Compliance Firm®. Turning Compliance into a Competitive Advantage®.


We utilise a variety of leading edge information, intelligence, and technologies to support compliance teams to effectively monitor global risks, develop and manage compliance programmes.

We help manage the integrity and compliance programmes for hundreds of multinational companies around the globe.



Improving Channel Sales

Selecting, onboarding, monitoring and managing channel partners.


We support over 400 global companies in developing channel programmes and maximising revenue opportunities by ensuring only great partners become and remain in their channel programme. 

With a mix of technology, data, research and audits and assessments, we help companies manage the selection and onboarding of channel partners. We help monitor the health of that channel partner with training and awareness solutions around risk to help them navigate the business environment effectively and legally.

We conduct due diligence and assessments on resellers and distributors in over 194 countries using our own channel compliance experts. These due diligence reports look at a range of factors and allow clients to make informed decisions on whether a partner is the right partner. We have done over 500,000 due diligence assessments of channel partners.

We are focused on managing risks in your channel programme to maximise revenue and remove the risks of non compliance. Our focus is on helping you develop a great channel programme with only the best channel partners.


Building Supply Chains 

Selecting, onboarding and managing suppliers.


We support companies in ensuring that they only engage the best suppliers and only the best suppliers remain in their supply chain. 

With a mix of risk analysis, technology, data, research, audits and assessments, we help companies manage the selection and onboarding of suppliers and conduct screening, due diligence and assessments on companies and people in 194 countries.

The risks that suppliers can pose on a company are diverse. We identify these risks up front using our proprietary risk algorithms and analysis (built into our Technology Platform) and then support the management of those risks through awareness, approvals, workflows, due diligence, certifications and audits.

We help identify in a proactive manner where suppliers may create risks for the company and onboard those suppliers with the right review, approval and risk management steps to minimise those risks from happening.



We help you identify risk in signing up customers, members or donors. We believe that our technology platform, screening database and resources around the world that speak over 45 languages can help you manage this important task.

We are experienced at:

  • Developing KYC and other similar programmes to match legislative requirements in your country or industry; and/or

  • Developing your own standards in KYC and meeting your corporate and stakeholder requirements

We provide the technology platform for onboarding, the expertise around validation of information and access to our existing databases of companies and people that you should be focused on.

Our solutions work as a technology provider, data provider or a provider of outsourced people - or all three. We can manage these programmes in your office, our office or as part of a shared service centre.


We definitely get value for the dollar with The Red Flag Group. The Firm is honest and ethical and charges a reasonable fee for its service






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