The Compliance Firm

We manage integrity and compliance risks in your company, channel partners, suppliers and customers

Integrity and compliance risks are in every business and in every business deal. 

Managing your supplier integrity across 23 key risk areas.

Know your employees and contractors. Help them mitigate integrity risks and avoid getting into trouble.

Know your customer – easy to say, hard to do.

We apply our unique set of business intelligence, advice and technology to manage the integrity and compliance risks of your business.

Our featured products include:



We are a world leader in conducting due diligence, having done more than 500,000 reports across 194 countries.


Check against over two million companies and people that are on watchlists, sanctions lists, proprietary industry lists and our Adverse Media list.



A cutting-edge software with a powerful analytics engine that scours multiple systems and databases to identify suspicious transactions in real time.


A total  compliance technology  platform that manages the suite of activity that concerns anti-corruption activity.   


We offer a solution for you no matter what your role is ...

ISSUE 21 Spotlights. Thought Leadership and Compliance Expertise

Gamification rights and wrongs

Gamification is one of the hottest buzzwords in Silicon Valley right now. The term refers to the idea of incorporating game design elements and principles into non-game contexts. When done well, gamification can make even the dreariest sessions... Read More>


Why adaptive training works and role-based training does not

Companies that have used role-based compliance training have traditionally only looked at a few factors to determine the training curriculum that their employees should receive. However, those organisations that are serious about compliance... Read More>


Webinar Series 2: Gathering materials from your suppliers to better understand their business practices

Thursday 15 September 2016

11:00 AM -EDT (New York) |  8:00 - AM PDT (LA) | 4:00PM BST (London)

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